The Vampire Diaries: After School Special

It would be so cool if I could commit to doing weekly reviews again, wouldn’t it?

So, I’ve been jonesing for this show to come back for a month, and it did, and I loved it.

My favorite moments in tonight’s episode?

-Elena and Stefan being compelled to say out loud exactly how they feel about each other. Man, that was brutal. (Seems like something I’d do in one of my books.)
-Damon saying, “Come to me.” Holy cripes. Yes.
-Tyler finally breaking down over his mom.
-Stefan asking Rebecca to be partners

Stuff I’m not so crazy about?

-Damon wanting to cure Elena. I thought he LIKED her as a vampire. Look, if Elena goes back to human, I’m not watching the show anymore…. Okay, that’s a lie. But I’ll be pissed. PISSED.
-The fact that Klaus killing Tyler’s mom pretty much puts the stake in more romantic stuff between him and Caroline. Boo.
-Where was Phoebe Tonkin? I like her.

Overall, good stuff. Good episode. Valerie is happy.