Get free ebooks!

help me spread the word and get free ebooks!

Strapped for cash? Can’t order on the internet?

I’d still like you to read my books. If you can’t provide me money, you can help me with word-of-mouth publicity.

Here’s the deal. Do four of the following things listed, save the links, and send me an email (administrator (at) with the links pasted in the body. I’ll send you a code for a free ebook of your choice.

-Write a review on for any of the books you’ve already read.

-Write a review on smashwords for any of the books you’ve already read.

-Write a review on The Web Fiction Guide.

-Write a blog about any of the books.

-Write a myspace blog or a facebook note. (Please make sure to set these to the setting that everyone can see them. If I can’t access it due to privacy settings, it doesn’t count.)

-Put a banner that either I made or that you made personally (and let me know if you do. I’d love to feature it on my fan art page.) on your own website, myspace page, or blog.

The fine print: You can’t just write one review and post it in four places. Each review needs to be original. Furthermore, reviews should be thoughtfully written with some meat to them. “Great book!” does not a review make. Be honest in your reviews. A negative review still earns ebooks!

Many of these sites will require that you register before you review.

If you post something on your own blog or facebook page, be sure to provide a link back to my site.