Planet Craziness: 240K in 40 days!

So, after my poll, I started getting all these crazy ideas, and it got to the point that I couldn’t narrow them down. So, I’ve decided to write all of them. I’m going to write three books at once, 2,000 words on each, for a total of 6,000 words a day. I’m taking the weekends off. That’s forty days of writing, and when I’m done, I hope to have written 240,000 words.

I also reserve the right to quit/modify this if it isn’t working.

I plan to check in on Saturdays to post my progress and possibly snippets.

At some point, I’ll also roll in here with descriptions of the books.

In other news, The Toil and Trilogy, Book Three is through its first round of edits and should be ready for release sometime within the next three weeks.