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Steel=Superman+The Hulk/Spiderman

So, I’m still hard at work putting the final touches on Steel, a companion novel to Vigil. I thought I’d tell you a little bit about the book…

Weekly Round Up 5/30

Here’s my vlog for the week, where I babble on gushingly and make funny faces. Check it out: And if you can’t see the video, here’s the direct…

Weekly Round Up 5/23

Another vlog!! (Warning: Spoilers for Stephen King’s The Stand.) I talk about inspiration for one piece of the serial that I am working on right now, and that…

Weekly Round Up 5/10

Weekly Round Up this week, I talk about the boxed set, how I’ve been feeling, and my thoughts on the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries. Warning: Spoilers….

Weekly Round Up 4/11

This week it’s a vlog!! Check out my crazy ramblings. Maybe next week I’ll figure out how to edit things on Movie Maker and cut it down to…

Video: First scene of Frenzy

Watch me read the first scene of Frenzy, coming soon!

Between the Heaves of Storm Book Trailer

Here’s the trailer, folks: I’m going to start posting the book on July 4th, one chapter each Monday and Thursday. I’m working on formatting it for kindle and…

Trailer Contest Winners

These winners of the book trailer contest have received a free electronic copy of Stillness. Here are the winning entries. From Jovanna Patrick: From Casey Brown:

Countdown to Stillness: Video Interview Blog 3

Check it out:

Countdown to Stillness: Interview Video 2

Check it out: