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The Fae Crown (The Red Wood, Book Two)

Heavy is the head who wears the crown.

The Captive Fae (The Red Wood, Book One)

He’ll prove to himself that she means nothing to him.

Hellbent Academy #3: The Struggle

The conclusion to Suther’s and Phist’s story.

Hellbent Academy #2: The In Crowd

Undercover at Hellbent Acadamy…

Hellbent Academy #1: The Circle

Blake Mephistopheles must die.

Blood Melody, Of Wolves and Woods, Book Two

It will take every connection Camber has and every skill she possesses to complete this mission. But first she has to remember the mission exists.

A Symphony of Howls, Of Woods and Wolves, Book One

She lives in a world where werewolves are shot on sight, and she is feeling the call of the moon. Her choices? Exile herself to the woods or die.

Vengeful Spirits, Book Four

Wade has a kid and Deacon’s got to find out how the little boy’s mother died.

No One Here Gets Out Alive: Vengeful Spirits, Book Three

The killer can’t be killed. He’s already dead.

Highway to Hell: Vengeful Spirits, Book Two

Amazon Welcome back to the Airstream camper and another ghost hunt. Deacon Garrison knows he’s still being sought by an entity called Negus, an entity that wants to…