Fireseed: a monster romance

This dragon doesn’t shift

Stellar Urges, Alien Gladiator Kings, Book Five

Any resemblance to Twilight fanfic is purely coincidental

Cold Pinnacle, Phineas and Liam, Book Four

The disturbing conclusion to the serial killer series.

Wren Delacroix, Book Ten

Who killed Hawk Marner?

Stars and Spikes, Alien Gladiator Kings, Book Four

I don’t know why I killed for her. It’s not the least bit like me.

Pride, Prejudice, and the Alien Prince

Everything you love about Pride and Prejudice, but in SPACE.

Our Vast and Yearning Ends, Rise of the Death Fae, Book Four

The conclusion to the death fae saga

Tempted by Tentacles, Alien Gladiator Kings, Book Three

“You’re asking me for a hate-sex arrangement?”

Strawberry Fields Forever, The Helicon Muses: 6

The long-awaited conclusion to the Helicon saga.

The Swell and Crash of Surrender, Rise of the Death Fae, Book Three

The capital conquered, is the Night King the fae’s savior or their destructor?