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Friday blog, October 8, 2021

It’s Friday, and I have nothing to blog about, you guys! Rather than just skip the week entirely, I think I’ll instead gush about how great the Thrusts…

Thrusts and Crests of Fury, Rise of the Death Fae, Book Two

Onivia will save her sister no matter what it takes.

Friday blog, October 1, 2021

So, I have an announcement. Guess what I wrote 31,000 words on this week? It’s Helicon #6, tentatively titled Strawberry Fields Forever, tabled and put off since 2016!…

Friday Blog, September 24, 2001

For some reason, I forgot to blog last week. I did mention not to get attached to my doing these, right? This week, I’m at NINC, which is…

Friday Blog September 10, 2021

The problem is that I have no idea what to blog about. I go through these phases where I don’t really feel like reading very much, and during…

Scars and Swindlers, The Rzymn Job: 2

All paths end in Rzymn.

Excerpt from Battles of Salt and Sighs

So, this week ended up being crazy with floods and stuff, and my kid’s school got delayed and let out early, and anyway, this is me just throwing…

Blood Indulgence, Phineas and Liam, Book Three

Phineas may be behind bars, but he’s not finished yet.

I blogged for the first time in a very long time!! Here it is.

My kid went to school for the first time with a full school day where I’m not spending an hour of my shuttling him back and forth, so…

Battles of Salt and Sighs, Rise of the Death Fae, Book One

This is war, and they are the spoils.