She’s a girl imprisoned in a tower. But the man who finds her is no prince.

If a good man discovered a nineteen-year-old woman in a tower, imprisoned there, lied to by her captor, cut off from the realities of the modern world, a good man would rescue her.

I’m not a good man.

I can’t help myself. I’m too enticed by this untouched, innocent girl, this girl who’s never seen a man before, never seen any part of a man. I have too many ideas of things I’d like to do to her, things I’d like to teach her, ways I’d like to exploit her natural curiosity.

So, I continue to deceive her, and I keep her there, my captive plaything.

I don’t even think about taking her out of that tower.

Not until I realize she’s pregnant with my child.

Verge notes: This contemporary dark romance takes its cues from Rapunzel (with a little Jane Eyre homage nestled into the middle). It’s for mature readers. Discretion is advised.

How dark, you ask? Dark enough to make you squirm, but with at least a vestige of redemption.