Handcuffed to the Gargoyle

Release date: 3/3/2024

Last night, Essence Quill had the worst, the most awkward sex with her friend and co-worker Decker Naggs, who happens to be a gargoyle.

So, naturally, what happens tonight is that they end up handcuffed together with magical handcuffs that won’t come off. Naturally, the guy who goes to find a spell to get them off disappears, and they can’t find him. Naturally, she and Decker have to talk.

Decker wants a do-over. He thinks if they try again, the sex could be better. He thinks they’d make a great couple.

Essence is definitely attracted to him, but she can’t help but feel like they don’t really mesh.

And besides, the stakes are too high. If this doesn’t work out, their friendship, their workplace environment, their entire lives are ruined.

This friends-to-lovers contemporary monster romance is Before Sunrise with gargoyle spice. Conversations about love, life, porn, sports, men and women, and everything in between—interrupted by bouts of monstery steam. Contains: choking, dominance play, marking, and spanking. Plot: sorta, kinda? Define “plot.” Spoiler alert: HEA.