J&A TnT #8: I want to suck your blood…

It’s November, and the final Jason and Azazel book is available for sale. In celebration, every Tuesday and Thursday (TnT), I’ll be posting scenes from previous Jason and Azazel books. Obviously, if you haven’t read the series, thar be spoilers in these parts. Read at your own risk!

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The sexy blood drinking scene from Falter:

I awoke on cool concrete. I sat up, looking around to get my bearings. I seemed to be in a basement someplace. It was dark and dank. There was a dirty window high up on the wall, a set up steps in the corner, a few pillars holding up the ceiling.

Azazel was lying next to me. I went to her, turning her over.

She coughed.

I knelt down next to her, brushing her hair out of her face. “You okay?”

There was blood smeared all over her forehead. She’d taken a bullet there. I rubbed at it with my thumb, looking for an entry wound. But she’d already healed that up.

“I’m fine,”she said.

But she sounded weak.

“You need blood?”I asked.

“I…”Her tongue darted out of her lips, hesitant, eager.

It was easier for her to heal with more blood in her system. Her expression was the only answer I needed. I loved that look on her face. How badly she craved me.

I bit down on my lip–hard. Blood welled up. I tasted it as it filled my mouth–a metallic tang. I felt it dribble down onto my chin.

Azazel made a tiny gasping sound, reaching for me.

I lowered my face to hers.

She darted up, capturing my lip between her own. She started to suck.

It was my turn to gasp.

Her hands clutched my shoulders, pulling me even closer.

She lapped at the blood that was coming out of my wound in a greedy frenzy, and it made me crazy to see her like that. She was so completely at my mercy, completely involved in me. I was her world.

I bit my tongue hard enough to make it bleed, and I shoved it inside her mouth, sweeping in to tease her own tongue.

She bit me.

I moaned.

And her fingers dug into my skin at my shoulders.

I pressed myself into her, my chest against hers, my pelvis in the cradle of her hips.

She drank, sucking at me, and I could feel it flowing out of me–strength, power, life. I was ebbing into her. This was the best part.

Her hands migrated lower, scrabbling over my back, cupping my ass. She wrapped her legs around me.

I felt light-headed, like I was melting into her, like she’d drink me all up, and I’d flow into her. I ran my hand over one of her thighs, her hip, her waist…

She sighed.

Our mouths broke apart. I ran my tongue over my lips to see if the places I’d bitten myself had healed. They were working on it. I made a new wound, even as her impatient mouth worked at mine, searching for more blood.

She groaned as my skin broke and the blood started to flow again. Her mouth latched onto me.

She sucked me into dreamy darkness. There was nothing here but our bodies and her mouth, and she was drinking me. I was seeping out into her mouth. I felt weak and a little drowsy. Her body was soft and welcoming. It held me.

And there was a noise as the door opened.

I looked up with effort, tearing my mouth away from Azazel.

She whimpered in frustration, reaching for me.

Jude tumbled down the steps. I couldn’t be sure in the scant light, but it looked as though he’d been beaten up. His face was swelling. He lay at the bottom of the steps, his labored breath echoing against the concrete.

Great. Of course he would pick this moment to show up.

I moved upright, onto my knees.

Azazel sat up as well, trying to get her mouth back onto mine, wanting more of my blood.

I held her back. “Shh, sweetheart, that’s enough.”

She was manic about it right after she stopped drinking. She never wanted to stop. I watched her inner struggle flit across her expression. She looked younger again. Damn it. We were trying not to do that. I wasn’t supposed to give her so much blood. But it was really hard to stop once we started.

I ran my thumb over her bottom lip, wiping away a bit of blood that was there. I didn’t know if it was mine or hers. It didn’t matter. “That’s enough.”

She shut her eyes. She nodded.

Jude’s voice–caustic. “Sorry if I interrupted something.”

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