A Study in Smolder

Publication date: 10/16/23



Dragon mating frenzy, and it affects the riders who are bonded to them. Now that Banyan has bonded to Slate Nightwing’s dragon, she is caught up in that madness, and she has no objection to anything that will ease the burning ache within her.

Even being with both Odion and Slate at the same time.

Then, of course, the heat ends, and the morning dawns.

This is not what the Quorum had planned, and this romantic entanglement affects the war effort. So, the three get their orders, and they never talk about it.

Slate is sent back to the watchtowers to fight the Frost.

And Banyan and Odion are sent off alone to get their dragons to mate each other, the way things were always supposed to be.

Banyan and Odion are told, for the sake of the war, for the sake of the safety of the Trinal Kingdoms, forget about Slate.

So, they’ll forget about him.

Stopping the spread of the Frost is all that matters.