Weekly Round Up 11/8

All right, chicas, this will be quick, just to let you know where I am.

Okay, so Sunday, I worked on outlining the new J&A book.

Monday: 8K

Tuesday: 8K

Wednesday: 4K (Man, my cold came back and kicked me back into bed. It was awful. Aaron made me take time off. I was like, “I feel guilty. I need to write this book.” And he was like, “You’re sick. Lay down. What’s the worst that could happen? It comes out a half a day later?” He was right, so I went to bed.)

Thursday: 8K

Total words this week: 31,212

If I were doing Nano, I’d be 20K from finishing.

Anyway, so the book’s going well. I’ve got 15K more in Part One, and then I’ve got to fix the Part Two outline, because I got about seventy way more awesome ideas about how all that should go down.

I’m having some carpal tunnel flare-ups, so I’m taking today and Saturday off. Aaron and I are going to see Ender’s Game, which has always been one of my favorite books. I’m very excited about that. And on Saturday, I get to go see Jennifer Armentrout at a book signing in Martinsburg, WV!!! Anyone else near the area? You should come!! (There are details on her facebook page.) Srsly. Send me a message on facebook or something if you want to hook up.

‘Kay. Bye now!