Flame Taker, The Clash and the Heat, Book Two


The plan was always to kill Remy Toussaint.

The former dark prince is now the King of Dumonte and Queen Fleur of Islaigne’s husband. They’ve been in a dungeon cell together. They’ve escaped a sinking pirate ship. And–because Fleur had no other choice–they’ve consummated their marriage.

But when Guillame Dubois reappears after Fleur thought he’d abandoned her, he has a plan to get Fleur all of Remy’s power. She could start fires herself, and no uncle or carale or any man could hurt her. Ever again.

But taking Remy’s power will kill him.

It’s worth it. Fleur will do whatever it takes to get that magic.

It’s only that when Remy smiles, he looks so much younger and more vulnerable than he usually does. It’s only that Remy saves those smiles for Fleur. It’s only that…

It doesn’t matter.

She’ll kill him.

She will.