Review: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Well, I finally got around to reading this, and realized, while doing so, that I have never actually read Pride and Prejudice. I’ve only seen the movie. I had forgotten how much I adore Jane Austen.

I must admit that most of the reason this is a riveting read is because of Austen’s ability to tell a story. I found myself, while reading, trying to edit out all the zombie bits so that I could make sure I had the original story intact. Oh. Mr. Darcy! Sigh.

However, there are some absolutely hilarious parts, including lots of funny duels and the appearance of zombies at the most ridiculous parts of the story. I very much enjoyed it.

I was a bit miffed at the inclusion of all the martial arts stuff from the Far East, though. ?? He should have called it: Pride, Prejudice, Zombies, and Ninjas. Ah well.