Weekly Round Up 1/24

Hello, everyone!!

This week, let’s see.

Okay, I worked on Saturday so that I could go out and hang with my friend Chelsea on Saturday night and then take Sunday off (if I needed to recover). So, on Saturday, I reread Sloane and made all my comments. There were a lot of issues, especially at the beginning of the book. But I could see that there was good stuff in there, too, so I didn’t feel too worried.

Sunday I was just a teensy bit hungover, since we didn’t go too crazy the night before. I watched the Lifetime Flowers in the Attic movie, and it was terrible, but also oddly compelling. Heather Graham was really unbelievable, and the fact that they used the same actors throughout the movie made it hard to see the passage of time. But it was still really, really fun, and I’m really jazzed that Lifetime is going to make Petals in the Wind too.

Monday I began working on the comments in Sloane. I did a bunch of rewriting.

Tuesday was more of the same. I finished in the afternoon, and I wanted to spend the rest of the day working on prewriting for a my next book, but I didn’t end up getting much done. Then I had a crisis, wherein I became afraid that I didn’t actually want to write that book, and it was all angsty drama time in my head.

Wednesday: Proofreading with text-to-speech. I also had a TON of repetitive words that I hadn’t seen in the first read-through. But when you hear them, they’re really hard to miss. I cannot recommend having a book read out loud to you enough to writers. It’s really eye opening. Anyway, that took about… five hours. And then I did some work on the new book, because I realized I was totally freaking excited about it. (I’ll talk more next week about that.)

Thursday, I formatted and uploaded. I also put the new covers on all the Assassins paperbacks and uploaded the entire Assassins series to Google Play. I thought this would take me until about noon to do.

Ha! I didn’t get done with everything until four. Uploading a book used to be so easy, because I just put in on Amazon and Smashwords. It took like fifteen minutes. But now I upload to Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, Kobo, Google Play, and I make a paperback and upload it to Createspace. So, it’s like a full day’s work to upload stuff. When I’m rich, I’m totally hiring someone to do that crap. Seriously.

But I did get some time to do some more work on the new book after that–still just prewriting stuff. It’s going to be one of those thrillers with lots of twists and shocking reveals, so I’ve got to get all the secrets worked out. I don’t know if I’ll outline scene by scene or just use the reveals as a kind of guidepost and go from there. It might be fun to write without a set outline again. Haven’t done that in a while. 🙂

Aaand… that was my week.

(The Sloane announcement post is going live very soon, so keep your eyes peeled. People who subscribe to my email list and follow me on facebook and twitter have already gotten the links. Just sayin’.)