Weekly Round Up 11/17

This post is going up late, due to my spending all day yesterday messing with new Jason and Azazel covers.

So… my week.


Um, oh, this week SUCKED. I forgot.

Sunday: HANGOVER. I don’t even want to talk about about this. I got very drunk on Saturday night after going to see Jennifer Armentrout. My BFF Chelsea and I then got beer and wood, made a fire, and I began drinking. Then I morphed into The Incredible Hulk and did a bunch of shitty things to people I love.

Moving on…

Monday: 8K, written mostly in guilt for having a nasty green monster living inside me and hoping that writing enough words would mean that I deserved to be alive.

Tuesday: 8K before 6:00. AND I taught a class! (Guilt makes me very motivated.)

Wednesday: 8K

Thursday: I wrote 2K in the morning, and then I went to help Aaron’s mom dye her hair and meet her tiny new baby kitten, Storm. (Sooooo cute. Unfortunately, now in quarantine. *frown* Hope she makes it through without getting sick.) Then I came home and did 1100 words. And then I didn’t do anything else.

Friday: I was supposed to work because I didn’t work on Sunday. So, I tried. I got about 4K done, and then I gave up and was lazy. (The guilt had worn off, you see. Also, I’d had enough time to realize that nobody who I was shitty to while I was drunk particularly cared if I wrote lots of words. At all.)

So… I’m thinking that since I wrote today (Sunday), I have about three-ish more days drafting on the latest J&A book. I’m kind of in the part of it right now where I think it’s the worst piece of drivel ever set down in words, however. This is normal, though. I’d say 90% of my books make me feel that way at some point. It’s probably not that bad. I hope.)

Talk atcha soon.