Highway to Hell: Vengeful Spirits, Book Two


Welcome back to the Airstream camper and another ghost hunt.

Deacon Garrison knows he’s still being sought by an entity called Negus, an entity that wants to suck him dry and leave him a useless husk.

So, when he hears the name, “Negus,”whispered from within the abandoned amusement park Point Oakes, he’s determined to find out what the spirits trapped within the park know.

Point Oakes is full of rundown rides, like a carousel that plays ghostly, distorted music and a mirror maze whose entrance is the open mouth of a demented clown. The place makes his skin crawl. But other times, it’s the most enticing, comfortable place he’s ever been.

The longer Deacon stays there, the more convinced he becomes that he should never, ever leave. And no one else should either.