Updates on WIPs and a Slither snippet

I missed updating last Saturday, but I remembered today!

Both of the books I’m working on right now are at 28,000 words. I think they’re coming along nicely, and here’s a snippet from this week’s writing, from Slither. (There may be typos, etc. This is a rough draft and not cleaned up.)

He caught her by the shoulder. “Hey. I’m sorry.”

She looked back, raising her eyebrows. “You should be.”

He looked at the floor. “I never should have left you alone at the restaurant. I came back to apologize, but I must have missed you. And I’m sorry you have a jerk for an ex. I know what it’s like when people have a hard time letting go.”

She bet that was true, considering all the girls he seemed to leave in his wake. “Whatever, Kent. I thought maybe there was more to you than appearances, but you’re really just pretty and empty. Just because we live in the same house doesn’t mean we have to talk, right?”She started walking back through the house to her bedroom.

He caught up to her in the living room, his hand on her arm, turning her to face him.

When he touched her, she suddenly felt desire for him surge through her, so intense that she stumbled at the force of it. She met his gaze, and his startlingly green eyes seemed to suck her in. She stood before him, transfixed. Her body throbbed.

God. What the fuck was this? Why did she feel this way?

At once, it lessened. He dropped his hand. He wasn’t touching her. He was still gorgeous. He was still totally kissable. But she wasn’t awash in wanting him anymore. She felt confused and strange.

He was clutching his head. “I’m sorry, I don’t know why I…”He swore under his breath. “I won’t do it again, I swear.”

“Do what again?”she asked. A chill was creeping up the back of her neck, making the fine hair there stand up straight. What was going with Kent, anyway? Why did he affect her this way? Why did he affect Jasmine?

He squeezed his eyes shut. “Look, Beth, I can’t handle it if you hate me. You should. But please don’t.”

“What did you do to me?”she said. “What did you do to Jasmine?”

He looked agonized. “I keep trying to stay away from you. I don’t know if I can. I can’t stop thinking about you.”

She was trembling. There was something not right about this guy. Something that made no sense. Something terrifying on a different level than the fear that had coursed through her when Avery had tried to hurt her. She stepped backwards. “Maybe you should… try harder. To stay away from me.”

And she fled back to her room, clutching the walls for support. Once inside, she locked herself in. She waited, her breath coming in gasps, for him to knock on her door. But he never did.