The Feminine Touch


On the hunt for a female serial killer…

Nash Steven Wilt’s true crime podcast targets unsolved crimes. That’s how he ends up trying to unravel the murder of a man who was found buried in the woods, surrounded by bodies of women who’ve gone missing over the years.

Then Nash sees a picture of the dead man’s wife, and he recognizes her as Siobhan Thorn, someone he knew in high school.

Well, no one knew Siobhan. He tried to know her. She toyed with him for her own amusement.

Funny thing, too. In high school, a bunch of girls went missing and no one ever found out what happened to them.

Dead women now, missing girls in the past, Siobhan Thorn. Nash finds it’s not a stretch to believe that Siobhan did all of it, even though he knows that’s not typical behavior for a female serial killer.

But Siobhan always was different.

And now, he’s got to track her down, not only because it’ll make a dynamite podcast, but because, deep down, he still wants to know her.