Toil and Trouble Trilogy #2 Excerpt

Here’s an excerpt from the Toil and Trouble book I just published. It was running through my head earlier…

One of his arms snakes around my waist, and he pulls my body against his. I start to pull away, but then the warmth of his closeness seems nice somehow. I hesitate.

“Josh, this is not a good idea,” I say, but my voice sounds breathy and unsure.

“So what?” he says. His voice is softer too. “It feels good because it’s not a good idea. You like me because I’m not a good idea.”

I shake my head. “No. I don’t. I don’t like you at all.”

“Now, that’s not true,” he says, and he’s kissing me.

I let him. Okay, I kiss him back. His mouth is all urgent like it was before, and I feel the same thing I did, like I’m being caught up in a gale force wind or something. Like Josh is this force that I don’t know how to fight, and he’s sweeping me away. It’s good. It makes my pulse pound and my breath get shallow, and everything starts to feel kind of intense, like being shoved into the middle of a tornado, with the wind tearing around me. I feel as if I have to give in to it, as if I can’t stop it.

And then I think of Brice, and the way he kissed me, and how it was intense too, but a different intensity. A sweeter intensity. And I push Josh away.

He grins at me with smoldering eyes. In that instant, I want him badly. I want the storm back.

And I can’t handle that, can’t handle the shameful desire of something I know I shouldn’t have. So I turn from him, and I run. I tear off into the rainy night, and I don’t look back when he yells my name. I don’t stop running for a long time.

Oh, come on. How can you resist the angst? It’s worth the four bucks. I swear. Links to your right. 🙂