The Toil and Trouble Trilogy, Book One

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The Toil and Trouble Trilogy: A dystopian city with zombies, Italian witchcraft, and the magic mafia…

Loyalty. Family. Trust.

Olivia Calabrese has valued nothing more strongly since her mob boss father was arrested and her mother was killed in the cross fire. Even though her family sells illegal magical charms that have the nasty side effect of turning some wearers into berserkers–rage-filled monsters–she sees betrayal as a far worse offense than harming people. To prove her loyalty, she dreams of succeeding her father as head of the mob family.

When her uncle, the current boss, is shot by a rival gang, she just might get her chance.

But her cousin, her only competition, whispers something to her that throws her off track. He says her mother ratted the family out to the police. He says that her mother’s death wasn’t an accident, but a hit ordered by her father.

Her entire worldview called into question, Olivia sets about hunting down the truth about her parents. And to complicate matters, she seems to be falling for a boy who’s turning into a berserker–from her own family’s charms.

As her set of values shatters around her, Olivia must choose between staying loyal to her family or fighting against them.

Mature Young Adult–May not be appropriate for very young readers due to violence, some sexual content, and dark themes.

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Why do I think my Jason and Azazel fans will like it?

10. Olivia is a total badass. She wants to make in the boys’ world of the magical mob, and she’s ready to prove it.

9. Brice is way hot and way conflicted, just the way I like my love interests. He’s become infected with a magical virus that turns him into a berserker–rage-filled monster–for one hour, every night at midnight. All day, he’s super sweet. At night, he’s violent and crazy. And he and Olivia are struggling with it, big time.

8. Moral confusion. Just like J&A struggle to determine whether or not they’re doing the right thing, Olivia struggles to figure out if being loyal to her family–the mob–is a great idea, and Brice struggles with how dangerous he becomes when he turns.

7. Sexual tension. In Breathless, Azazel wants to get laid, stat. In the new series, the berserker virus is sexually transmittable, which means Brice and Olivia can never, like, do it.

6. Young people against the world! Olivia’s about eighteen, but she’s got to decide whether or not to toe the line and be part of the mob, or to fight against them, since they’re turning people into berserkers.

5. Forbidden love. Olivia knows that it’s a dumb idea to get involved with someone who’s infected by the virus, and she knows that she doesn’t have time in her life for boys when she’s trying to run the crime family, but she just can’t stop thinking about Brice.

4. The supernatural. This book has magic, magical viruses, charms, and spells.

3. Action. Try a mob of crazy berserkers trying to kill Olivia. Waaay scarier than the Sons.

2. Fast-paced, tight plotting. I’m pretty proud of this book. It’s got the snappy feel of Breathless, where every scene counts.

…and the number one reason….

1. I wrote it! If you like my writing, you’ll like in this book.

Reasons that didn’t make the list for why you should buy it:
-I could totally use the money
-Three dollars is super cheap for a book. What were you going to do with that three dollars anyway? Heck, you can barely get a coffee at Starbucks for that. It’s the same price as renting a brand new movie on Amazon instant watch, and the book will take you longer than two hours to read. Just sayin’–you’ve got three bucks. You could spend in a worse way.
-I need reassurance that people like to read something I write besides Jason and Azazel.
-My beta readers liked it.
-I painted the cover. Every copy sold is a vote against stock photos on indie books!

Okay, well, anyway…

You should totally buy this book. Really. I mean it. It’s good. I had so much fun writing it. I want you to read it. 🙂


(Don’t forget that Smashwords allows you to buy the book in any format you’d like and transfer to your ereader using your USB cable. This means you, nook and ipad owners! Of course, the book will be available on B&N and iTunes in a few weeks. Buying from smashwords also means I get a slightly bigger percentage of the sale.)