Review: Eight to Midnight, by Karen Harley

coverFull disclosure: I am acquainted with this author online. Lots of times I’ll pass along links to books to other writer’s books, but sometimes it’s just a link. This is a resounding endorsement.

Run, don’t walk, and go and pick up this book. It’s really just great. I adored it. It’s one of the best things I’ve read this year. (I’m also just in love with the Elise Sandberg mysteries right now, but that’s another review, if I get around to it.)

This is… real. That’s what it is. Well. No. I mean, it’s a romance, so it’s a fantasy in its own way. But this isn’t stereotypes and the character types we all know interacting in the same ways. Nothing wrong with that. We all have our little standard kinks that we like to return to. This, though.

You get the feeling that these are the people who lived below you in the apartment complex you lived in after you graduated from college. Like maybe you had them over for your house warming party and you all got drunk together on crappy beer, and one of them left their sweater behind, but you never ran into them again to give it back. They just feel like flesh and blood.

This is lovely. I don’t exactly quite know how to explain what a delight this book is, but I think I’d say it’s got the sort of essence of Reality Bites, only with very hot sex that’s shatteringly emotional and heartrending–and yet almost cerebral. Just kind of mindblowing in all the best ways.

We start with the kind of premise that might make a romantic comedy film. Four friends decide to have sex with each other–just as friends. Yeah, right. This will work out as planned, *grin.*

Sara and Harrison are warm and sweet and earthily erotic. They are adorable, full of foibles, easy to love, and perfect for each other.

But Matt and Jasmine are just layers of velvet darkness. Just… jaggedly sweet. Oooh, give me shivers. Matt is the kind of boy I love in books. All broody and tortured. He only has eyes for Jasmine. He wants her so bad it hurts. And she doesn’t know how to open up to him. And the two of them together is exquisite aching. Oh. GAWD. So good.

Anyway. Highly recommended.

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