Release snippet

From my new book, soon to be coming to an ereader near you, Release:

Miss Gilit strapped her seat belts over her body. “This isn’t going to work, you know.”

Keirth strapped himself in. He palmed the light speed accelerator and squeezed. “Oh no? Why not?”

“You’ll get caught,”she said.

The ship lurched hard and on the visual, the stars streamed out like bright ribbons, going green, red, and blue at the edges. They were pushed back into their seats and for a few seconds, they couldn’t breathe from the pressure. Then everything snapped, like rubber, and they were traveling through a tunnel of brightly colored lights–hyperspace. Keirth switched off the visual. Hyperspace always gave him a headache if he stared at it too long.

“You’re in a stolen space ship,”continued Miss Gilit. “The minute they figure out I’m gone, they’ll track it. It’s fitted with a tracking monitor, you know, and–”

“Is it?”said Keirth. “Thanks for telling me that, sweetheart. They keep it in the usual place?”

Her face had gone white as she realized her mistake.

Keirth unstrapped himself and headed for the back of the bridge. He reached above the doorway and yanked the material covering the wall away. Inside, just where they always were, was a hunk of plastic, wires, and blinking lights. Tracking monitor. Keirth ripped it down, dropped it on the floor, and ground it under his foot. It made a crunching noise.

“It doesn’t matter!”said Miss Gilit. “They’ll find you anyway. You’ve kidnapped the daughter of a duke, and you killed a man in the docking bay. You’re a kidnapper and murderer. They’re going to find you, and they’re going to sentence you to death.”

“I had my blaster set to stun,”he muttered. “Besides, I’m saw the other servants drag him out of the docking bay. I’m sure he’s fine. The only person I want to kill is Risciter.”Miss Gilit was starting to get on his nerves. Maybe he should tie her up and gag her. That should keep her quiet.

“And why would you want to do that?”said Miss Gilit. “The Duke of Risciter is a good man.”

Keirth sat back down in the pilot’s seat next to her. “He’s the furthest thing from a good man there is, sweetheart.”