The Sword and the Sunrise, The Nightmare Court, Book One

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For fans of The Wrath and the Dawn and From Blood and Ash
Every year, a virgin weds a monster.
By the next sunrise, he bleeds her dry.

This year, the virgin bride is Nicce Ward, but she’s no helpless victim. She has been prepared for this moment, consecrated to the sun, trained to fight with magic and with weapons. She must kill the monster, Sir Eithan Draig, and free the land of the scourge of his twisted desire.

Eithan Draig knows the sacrifices are necessary. He knows that if the girls don’t bleed, there will be carnage: throats ripped out and children slaughtered, and every single death will be on his conscience. So, every year, he does his duty.

But this year… this girl… A hundred years, a hundred sacrifices, and not one has ever fought back. He’s never wanted a girl like he wants this one.

He’s never wanted two things so fiercely at once.

Both to let her go free.

And to taste her blood.

Read this complete enemies-to-lovers epic fantasy trilogy—a slow burn romance with eventual steam.