The Sins of Falcons, The Red Echoes Duet, Book One


For anyone who couldn’t help but ship Nimue and the Weeping Monk, or who wished Emily A. Duncan’s Wicked Saints was steamy.

Vinel Haldar’s blood contains a powerful magic, and the dark priest who rules her country wants it. He has dispatched his most brutal soldier, Rhike Cyid Dhathron, to hunt and capture Vinel.

When Rhike Dhathron crashes through Vinel’s window on her wedding night, black robes flaring, he ruthlessly and efficiently dispatches her bodyguards. Then he gallops away with her.

Vinel’s only hope of survival is escape, but she’s no match for the rhike’s savage strength, and her attempts fail.

Her life is on the line. She is desperate. And then she notices the way the rhike’s gaze follows her. He looks at her at the way a rhike should never look at a woman, not if he intends to keep his sacred vows. Suddenly, she knows what she has to do.

She will seduce him.

Each attempt brings her closer to freedom, but there is something about this dark man, something that stirs a tumult deep in the center of her, something that threatens to unmake her.

She wants to despise him. No, she does despise him. She can’t afford to feel anything else.