The King’s Queen


Catriona is queen, mother to two children, including Herrick’s only legitimate boy child. Prince Leon, the heir to the throne.

Her husband Herrick has his mistresses.

Catriona has Elske the Formidable, Herrick’s best friend and chief advisor. Not only does her husband tolerate her infidelity, he’s aroused by it.

Both men touch her.

It’s the only way they can come close to touching each other.

When Herrick decides that he’d like to give her womb to his friend and that he’ll legitimize the child as his own, Catriona becomes pregnant with Elske’s child.

Only Elske has never wanted to get a half-fae child on a woman, and he isn’t the least bit pleased.

This is a complicated love story about one woman, one king, one fae advisor, and one ancient, antlered god. Book two contains explicit male-on-male action. This is a story of blood and pain and sex and passion and the power behind the crown.