The King’s Mistress

Release date: May 25, 2023

Catriona of Lach is the high priestess of Gaen. When the northern invaders come with their cannons and their ships, they decimate her village and celebrate their victory between the priestesses’ thighs.

It could be worse. The invaders do pay the tithe, just like any other man would. Catriona is accustomed to being used by men.

But the invader in her bed is a king. He conquers her in more ways than one. He conquers her pleasure. No man has ever stirred her the way he does.

He’s married. He has two daughters with his queen in the north. He’ll never be hers, not truly.

But she climbs on his ship anyway and follows him to the frigid waters of his northern country, leaving everything behind.

This is a complicated love story about one woman, one king, one fae advisor, and one ancient, antlered god who’s not pleased at having his priestess stolen. Which man is endgame? Guess! She sleeps with all three, and sometimes the men sleep together, too. This is a story of blood and pain and sex and passion and the power behind the crown.