The Fae Crown (The Red Wood, Book Two)

Publication date: 3/12/2020


Former fae princess Tangle continues to scour The Red Wood for the crystal flute. When she finds it, she intends to use the power weapon to take revenge against the Winter King Jareth. But even with the flute, she may not be able to find a way to escape The Red Wood. Will she and her ex Wesson Saint wander in the enchanted woods forever?

Meanwhile, her sister Mossy, Queen of Winter, conspires against her husband. If she has her way, she will rule Winter, and Jareth will be banished from the kingdom.

Jareth himself struggles with the beast that has risen within him. It overtakes his body, leaving him senseless while it does its violence. He knows he needs to find some way to shove it back down for good, but he distracts himself by trying to win the favor of his wife, who he is desperately falling for.

The fae crown, heavy on his brow, may not be his for long…