The Dead and the Dusk, The Nightmare Court, Book Two

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Nicce Ward is determined to kill the goddess of nightmares, Ciaska. It might seem impossible, but Nicce is up for the task, and she needs Sir Eithan Draig to get into the Nightmare Court.

Eithan Draig isn’t keen on the idea of putting Nicce in danger. He just wants her magic sunlight blood and then he’ll be on his way and let her go on hers. Well, anyway, that’s what he should want. What he actually wants is to seize any excuse to be near her, even if it means risking her life.

So he brings Nicce to the Nightmare court, where he must protect her from the whims of the capricious goddess of nightmares, who happens to be jealous of his obsession with Nicce.

He can make it work. He’s been playing Ciaska for over a hundred years. He’s a master of subterfuge and manipulation, but his plan hinges on Nicce displaying nothing but disgust for Eithan.

She is disgusted by him, isn’t she? All he’s ever done is hurt her. She couldn’t possibly want him too.

If Nicce did want him, he might lose control.

And that could cost them everything.