The Bone Forest, Wren Delacroix, Book One


Can an FBI Academy dropout catch a vicious serial killer?

It’s been fifteen years since Vivian Delacroix unleashed her followers on the town of Cardinal Falls. The cult members killed anyone Vivian told them was a threat to their beliefs.

Now, another killer takes young girls of nine or ten, all related to Vivian’s original victims. He drugs them, suffocates them, and painstakingly arranges them in ritualistic poses. The bodies give up no evidence to the killer’s identity.

When Wren Delacroix finds the latest victim in the middle of giving a tour, she’s forced to admit to herself that she came back to her home town because of her perverse interest in the case. These dead girls, she can’t get them out of her head. Even though she dropped out of the FBI Academy and tried to flee from the dark parts of herself, she can’t run away.

Before she knows what she’s doing, she’s spouting her fully formed profile of the killer to Detective Caius Reilly, head of the tri-state task force, and she’s begging him to let her help.

She needs to solve this case and stop this killer.

If only to prove to herself that she’s nothing like her mother Vivian.