Tempted by Tentacles, Alien Gladiator Kings, Book Three


A female outlaw
I hate the Toth, the cruel aliens who rule our galaxy, and Caspe Tetrone does their dirty work.

He is my enemy, and any day I ruin his is a good one.

Sure, he’s just saved my life from that crazed alien gladiator who was ten hisecs away from goring me, but…this does not mean I’m grateful.

It definitely doesn’t mean I’m hot for his tentacles.

An alien pirate
I hate Sienne Dlach, and I want her dead.

Which is why, the minute she’s about to be ripped apart, I step in and save her, at much danger and inconvenience to my life and business.

It makes sense, though, I swear, because I, uh, you know, it’s a hate-attraction thing.

All I want to do is restrain her with my tentacles, shove the tips in every available orifice, and suction cup all her sensitive body parts until she—

Look, I really do hate her, but now we’re on the run together from the Toth, engaging in firefights with police ships in space, fighting furry predators planetside, and the thing is… we’re kind of a great team. I’ve never felt anything like this before. Some (idiotic) part of me wants it to be something more than hate sex and near-death escapes, but…

Well, that would make me stupid and vulnerable, and those are two things I’ll never be.