Star Savage: Alien Gladiator Kings, Book One


A human female
Three vicious alien gladiators fight to the death for their prize.


I’m thrown to the one left standing to be used and claimed on the floor of the arena. The winner is a clawed and horned beast who should only frighten me, not excite me.

But when his anchor strands attach between my thighs, they vibrate, and I’m seeing stars.

An alien king
She’s a means to an end. I’ve got to win this fight and claim this prize. I’ve got to please the crowd.

If I do it right, I have my freedom, and I can finally go home to be chieftain to my clan.

But when I attach to her, my mating instinct rises, and I lose every vestige of control as I take her.

I don’t understand it, but this human prize is my mate.