Scaly Surrender: Alien Gladiator Kings, Book Two


A female prize
I know I’m going to be claimed on the floor of the arena by a brutal alien gladiator, but does it have to be him?

The cocky Lizard King, a showman who seems to act like he enjoys this, parading and preening for the crowd?

The one with two penises?

But it is him, of course it is, and when he takes me, he’s some odd combination of cruel and considerate, and it’s good—stars, it’s good—it doesn’t have any right to be that good.

At least I know our species aren’t compatible. No matter what, we could never have offspring.

A ruined fighter
This girl is different. I don’t know why. I don’t want it to be true, but there’s something about her.

When I have her in the ring, I hope my handler doesn’t notice. He’s the cruelest man I know, and he delights in manipulating me. But no way do I ever catch a break. So, when I climb aboard our ship, he’s got her there, all for me, he says.

He has plans for her, to alter her, make her breedable.

He’s just the sort of psycho to try to force that. It’ll be fun for him.

But I vow I will never touch her again.

This steamy scifi romance is for adventurous readers who won’t be troubled by very bad words, breeding kinks, murky consent due to chemically-induced arousal (everyone enjoys themselves, though, I swear), and dark themes as characters are pitted against oppressive, cruel alien overlords. HEA guaranteed.