No Bones About It

Release date: 8/26/24


Fifer Ione is an asexual selkie. She likes sexual fantasy, and she wants to fall in love. Only, erm, without the touching parts. Without the fluids parts. Without the gross, real parts. Just the good stuff.

When Hollis Mac appears at open mic night at the Meck and reveals that his skeletal face means he lacks skin, so he lacks, you know, anything gross, she can’t help but feel as if he’s what she’s been waiting for her whole life.

Except Hollis is some ancient fae thing, exiled and odd, very wealthy, very aloof. He doesn’t think he’s quite capable of love, only desire, endless and aching and exploitive. His kind, he says, only want to devour things, especially pretty young things like her.

But she trusts him.

Or anyway, she’s curious enough to risk it.

Some things are worth the risk.

This book doesn’t depict a lot of actual, physical intercourse. But it does depict a lot of shared fantasy about intercourse, and since it’s a book, are we splitting hairs here? Content includes: vampire blood play and biting, breeding, capture, spanking, and soothing during noncon.