Stars and Spikes, Alien Gladiator Kings, Book Four


A human prize
I never intended to become trapped on a backwoods planet with a nightmarish, abusive cult, but here I am.

I have one chance to escape. I’ll volunteer to be a prize for this underground gladiator fight, be the winning gladiator’s every fantasy, and let him do anything he wants with me. Then I’ll beg him to take me with him when he leaves.

I don’t count on him being too honorable to take advantage of me. I definitely don’t count on him killing the cult leader.

A ruined king
I don’t know why I killed for her. It’s not the least bit like me. I’m not one for being tied down, not to women, not to responsibilities, not to anything.

So, when I find out that I’ve got to stop gallivanting around the galaxy and actually take over my throne? I’m not pleased.

She’s… she’s a rebellion. She’s a last gasp at some kind of freedom. She’s an obsession. She’s everything.

I’d do anything for her. Kill for her. Lie for her. Lay down my kingdom at her feet. And that?

That terrifies me.

This scifi romance teases its way around the ideas want, need, desire, possession, and obsession. It touches on risk, consequences, commitment, and the longterm remnants of trauma and abuse. HEA guaranteed, though, never fear.