Truth and Consequences, Innocence Unit, Book Two

Second Innocence Unit is out now!

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The Conviction Review Unit: an investigative team that overturns convictions and frees the innocent…

Elke Lawrence has never been happier in her job as the head of the Conviction Review Unit. But when her younger brother comes to her in fear for his life because he’s been selling drugs for her locked-up ex-husband, Elke is completely thrown.

She has to save her brother, and she can’t allow him to suffer for her ex-husband’s sins. But she can hardly concentrate at work. The new case she’s picked out, a young man who’s accused of killing his girlfriend, doesn’t seem to want to unravel. Everyone else, including the other members of the CRU, think he’s actually guilty.

Elke won’t give up on the case, though, and she won’t give up on her brother.

Even if her holding on leads to gunshots on a cold winter night and blood in the snow.