Hellbent Academy #2: The In Crowd

Release date: 11/6/19

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I’m undercover now. I’m going to take down every single person who had a hand in my sister’s death. That means helping the Resistance and that means maintaining my new position in the Black Circle, the most powerful group of witches and warlocks at Hellespointe Academy.

And what does the Circle do?

Mostly, we party.

It’s an endless parade of drinking, smoking, drugs, and meaningless hook-ups. I’ve got to keep up my cover, and that means pretending to be into all that, and also pretending to be into Phist.

We’re fake girlfriend and boyfriend, so we have to do a lot of touching. His arm around my shoulders, his hand curving possessively around my hip, his lips on mine, his tongue–

And I hate all of that. Really, I do. I swear.