Fireseed: a monster romance

release date: August 23, 2022

Buffy meets Bridgerton
This dragon doesn’t shift.

Miss Gissele Chapman’s dragon-slaying magic is growing weak.

Her life has always been chaotic, what with managing her secret slaying duties with her obligations as the daughter of a wealthy gentleman—hosting teas, attending balls, entertaining callers. But now, on top of everything, her magic is waning, and no one seems to know why.

No one, that is, except this red-scaled dragon that she still hasn’t killed. That is what a slayer does with dragons, even ones who call her ‘love’ in a lilting voice and go on about her scent and how enticing it is.

The dragon says he’s got the key to restoring her magic, and it’s straining against his scales right here, ready to spring free and service her.

But he must be lying, and anyway she would never do such a thing, because she is a very respected heiress, and she has a reputation to think of and girls like her don’t… don’t…

He’s a monster with teeth and claws.

He’s her enemy, and she kills his kind. They hate each other.

Besides, he’s… enormous.

It wouldn’t even work.

Would it?

This gaslamp fantasy features very proper characters driven by magical means to do shocking things. Secondary characters in the story pursue male-on-male and asexual relationships. If such things will give readers vapors, they should take necessary precautions.