Fake Dating the Orc Professor


Nothing happened.

Well, Astrid blacked out and woke up in a strange bed, which is not how she thought her twenty-ninth birthday celebration would go. She does not usually get that drunk.

She’s in the bed of an orc professor, who says he slept on the couch and that they didn’t so much as kiss.

She kind of wishes they would have. Look at him. Look at his arms—hulking arms encased in tweed, his powerful body barely contained by his tidy exterior.

Add to that the awkwardness of the orc’s mother unexpectedly stopping by and making the assumption that Astrid is her son’s new girlfriend, and it’s like something out of a rom com. Not to mention Astrid is not getting any younger, so…

A fake relationship?

A mortifying meet-cute?

It’s a guaranteed happily-ever-after.


A filthy-sweet poignant modern monster romance set in a small town and featuring one anxious nymph and one cinnamon-roll, glasses-wearing, bicep-bulging orc professor.