The Temptation of Silence, Phineas and Liam, Book Two


A killer on the loose…
Liam Emerson knows that Phineas Slater isn’t done with him, but when the escaped serial killer begins calling him on the phone, he can’t help but be shocked and horrified. Phineas’s threats keep Liam silent, even as the killer’s hypnotic requests for Liam’s surrender–body and soul–escalate.

A detective in doubt…
Haysle Dawson wants to believe in Liam Emerson’s innocence. Not because she kissed him. Not because she’s irrationally attracted to him. Because if not, she’s covering for a murderer.

Liam says he didn’t kill Destiny Worth, but Dawson isn’t sure of anything, and she doesn’t know who to trust.

He lurks in the shadows…
Bodies are piling up and but Dawson can’t find Phineas Slater.

Whether she can trust Liam or not, she needs his help to put this monster where he belongs–back behind bars.