Arrogant Alien

Release date: 6/15/23


He’s an alien turncoat
Ever since I joined the resistance, my life has meaning. I’ll sacrifice everything to further the cause.

Not just because I get a charge out of sticking it to my abusive father, but because I believe it’s the right thing to do. Toth totalitarianism has to end, and I’ll do anything it takes to make that happen.

Going undercover with a scantily-clad human at my side posing as my sex slave?

I mean… I’ve had worse assignments.

She’s a human spy
I seduce men for secrets. It’s my job.

This mission is just like any other. I’m posing as a leashed-and-collared Toth plaything, but it’s just an act.

Diirk Rorrn may hold my leash, but I don’t really answer to him. Actually, I hate him. Near as I can tell, all lip-service to the contrary, he’s still the same entitled and rich jerk he’s always been, no matter how loudly he pledges himself to the cause.

Lots of men have done all manner of things to this body.

I’ve never caught feelings.

I sure as deep space am not catching them for him.

Forced proximity, forced intimacy, sex is my job, and all the best spy tropes, including lipstick weapons.