Um… okay, so I don’t have a title yet, but here’s what I can tell you about this book:

-I got the idea when I heard a rumor that Stephenie Meyer is going to do a Renesmee-Jacob book. First, I was like, “Ugh?” And then I was like, “Ooohhhh, I want that.” And then I was like, “Stephenie will not do all the parts that I want, though!”
-So, this: fated mates, age-gap.
-I think what happens is that they have to become mates when she’s a baby in order to make her body compatible with the planet–like, she can’t breathe or something. I will FIGURE THIS OUT! But they don’t realize it’s a mating bond, they just think it will alter her body for her safety, but then it all becomes clear.
-Growing up, it’s all innocent, and it’s NBD.
-But then he’s like 15 years older than her, and she’s only eleven or twelve, still a kid, but going into heat, and DRAMA–so he leaves the planet and becomes a gladiator because obviously he’s too honorable to touch her at that age.
-Then… years will pass and then… ??

I don’t know what happens after that.
Also, the above may change. Have not written a WORD of it yet.

But so fracking excited, y’all. I’m thinking, like, heat, coital tie, super intense cherishing, PLUS so much forbidden love, yass!

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