Stellar Urges, Alien Gladiator Kings, Book Five


A grizzled gladiator
We both know I’m bad for her.

My bite saved her life when she was an infant. It also bonded us together, mated us, created some perverse tie between us, even though I’m far too old her.

Now, I’m thirty-five and she’s twenty.

I’ve kept myself away from her for a long time.

But now I’ve got to go to her. She’s in danger, and she is mine to protect.

A human female
When I was a little girl, Sevren was my everything. My playmate, my babysitter, my confidante.

Then he abandoned me without saying goodbye. For my own good, he said. Because my body was maturing but I was still too young. Because he couldn’t handle what our bond made him want from me.

Now someone’s trying to kill me to get to him, and he’s back.

I hate him for breaking my heart.

But his presence has kick-started my biology, and now I’m in heat.

No matter how complicated our feelings for each other, or how many blaster beams are getting shot at us, the bond wants us to mate.

We won’t be able to fight that forever.

This age-gap, fated-mates scifi romance is for readers who’d like to explore an edgy Jacob-Renesmee dynamic on another planet with buckets of spice—including knotting, heat, teeth, and fur—and lots of blaster fights.