A Bad, Bad Thing

New psychological thriller is available!


Would you help your sister bury a body?

Danae Ericson arrives at the family lake house to find her brother-in-law dead in the kitchen and her sister Athena hysterical. Athena insists it was an accident, that her husband fell. But when Danae gently suggests they call the police, Athena refuses.

Danae has to admit that the bloody scene doesn’t look like an accident. She wants to believe her sister, but she isn’t sure. Out of loyalty to Athena, Danae agrees to help her sister bury the body and cover up the death.

But now Danae’s paranoid. Because there’s an inquisitive police detective that won’t leave her alone, and she’s since done some research on trace DNA. They will get caught if anyone ever finds the body.

So, Danae goes back to dig it up and remove the evidence.

Except the body is gone.