Shudder is here!


Hey, everyone. Shudder is available for sale!!

The book is $3.99, and it’s for sale only. I won’t be serializing it here.

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Remember, if you’ve got an ereader that only does epub, you can get any format under the sun at Smashwords, and move it over to your ereader from your computer using a USB cable.

Once you’ve read the book, come back and check out the spoilers thread, where you can share your thoughts and discuss.

In case you missed it, here’s what the book’s all about:

Jason and Azazel wake abruptly from their coma, their powers gone. But they are healing quickly, to the confusion of everyone in the hospital. A team of specialists comes in the middle of the night to whisk them away. When Jason and Azazel offer resistance, they are sedated.

They awake in a strange, institutional place that seems to have no exit. They are prisoners there, being filmed by an unseen presence. Others are trapped with them as well. Some have been there for years. No one knows how to get out.

Jason and Azazel may not have the ability to control minds anymore, but they’re still a force to be reckoned with. And if anyone can find a way out of this bewildering prison, it’s them.