Jason and Azazel fans, how many of you are there??

So… I was crunching some numbers to figure out about how much my taxes are, and it turns out that my money is going to run out in January if book sale trends continue the way they are going. (I had a super expensive fall due to unseen circumstances I don’t feel like getting into.)

I’ve been planning to write the final Jason and Azazel book next month for a December release, but that doesn’t seem like it makes much financial sense given the response to Falter. I’ll need more money sooner. Which means that unless I can get at least 100 people to pledge that they WILL buy the next Jason and Azazel book on the day it comes out, (for $3.99), I’m not going to write that book next. I’m going to write Sloane, the fourth Assassins book. Because it’s kind of a choice between writing Jason and Azazel or possibly needing to get a second job. (If 100 people pledge to do it, I figure maybe half actually will, but 50 sales on release day should get the book up into the upper 1K-ish range on Amazon and get it some good visibility, thus leading to sales of the entire series.)

(Now, there’s no guarantee that Sloane will sell well either, but I did get a decent push from Silas, and I got next to no push from Falter, so I’m hedging my bets.)

Anyway, vote below:

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Thanks, all!

(Whatever the outcome, I WILL finish both the J&A series and the Assassins series, come hell or high water, even if I do have to get a job.)

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