The Helicon Muses Launch!

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So what is The Helicon Muses series all about, and why might you be interested in it?

Well, here’s a little overview of these books. On the surface level, a lot of the tension is driven by the fact that it’s a teen soap. I have a cast of characters, I plan to write a lot of books, and everyone is going to hook up with everyone else. Relationship drama, unrequited love, jealousy, and all of those things drive the surface of the books.

There’s always a little bit of a mystery plot, but it’s not an overbearing mystery. It’s mostly there for a bit of fun. In the first book, the mystery is, “Who’s ripping holes in the fabric of Helicon?”I can’t tell you the mystery of the second book without giving away some spoilers for the first book, unfortunately. At any rate, there’s a mystery element in each book.

Deeper, there’s a central conflict between Nora and Owen. It’s like, “What if Darth Vader was your abusive ex-boyfriend?”This is also a pretty classic good vs. evil sort of struggle.
Underneath all that, I’m wrestling with some interesting questions about humanity. Can a communal government actually work? Why do people become obsessed? Is it possible to break the cycle of abuse? Why do we need to categorize people and things, and how are categorization and prejudice linked? Why do we create? What drives some people to want power? Is unconditional love transformative, or can it lead to a situation where a loved one becomes a source of hurt and damage?

It’s what I would call bohemian fantasy. It’s living at a hippie music festival all day long. It’s my own utopia. It’s the place I want to live, the world I want to exist.