Sick of dreary winter? Go to Helicon, where winter only lasts a week!

This is a little post about The Helicon Muses, which is the best series of books I have written that you are not reading. (Unless you are. In which case, you get a gold star and big sloppy kiss from me.)

This is also a review-begging post for the Helicon books. I’m going to make an offer up front now. The first Helicon muses book is free. It is called Dancing Days. Go download that book. Seriously. Do it now. Do it from any of these places:

Barnes and Noble
Google Play

Now, if you read that book, and you’d like to also read the others in the series for FREE, then here’s all you have to do. Post a review of the book on Amazon. (If you want to post it elsewhere as well, GREAT, but make sure to post it on Amazon.) Then email me at administrator(at) with the subject line “Helicon.” Tell me the name you posted your review under, and I will send you the next book in the series in any digital format you like. Review that one too, repeat the process, and I’ll send you the next one.

There are currently only three books, but there will be more. Many more. At least three more, but probably seven more. When I planned series out, I planned for ten books. I wanted it to be one of those series that goes on and on and on, where you get to return to a beloved fantasy home over and over again and hang out with your fantasy friends.

All of the books in the Helicon muses series are named after songs by either Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, or Pink Floyd. That is because Helicon is a bohemian place. I’m fond of describing it as a constant hippie music festival. Everyone lives in tents. They have big parties all the time. There’s lots of merriment. It is my perfect place.

There’s an overarching story that’s not quite apparent yet in the series. Eventually, it will be a big thematic showdown between creativity and conformity, but as of yet, the main big bad forces have not quite rallied. So, you only see hints of the big stuff that is to come. I have all of the big events planned out. I have a lot of reveals and other stuff. I know how it’s all going to end.

These books are fantasy books, with all kinds of new places and weird creatures and stuff like that, but at their core, they are really the story of three friends and the stuff they go through as they grow up. There’s all kinds of relationships, heartaches, make-ups, and break ups. Everyone lost their virginity in the last book, so now they can all be hopping in and out of each other’s tents willy nilly. There’s an innocence to the characters because they’re young, but they have a lot of stuff to face, so it won’t last forever. Anyway, all I’m saying is that they have everything. There’s romance, mystery, action, intrigue, philosophical conversations, May Day celebrations, chimeras, Dionysius, trips to the Norse land of the dead, and all sorts of fun. It’s a little bit gritty and grown up, but for me, it’s fairly rosy.

If you get bogged down in the first book, feel free to skip parts. It’s very episodic, and I had a few reviewers complain that there was too much description. Just skip the stuff that drags for you. Seriously.

Okay. Well… that’s my offer. That’s my pitch. Review the books, and get the next ones free.

Currently, I write one of these books a year, and the plan is for the next one to come out in the summer. But if they took off, I could be persuaded to write them more often. 🙂