Come Together: The Helicon Muses, Book Three, is AVAILABLE!!!


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Nora Sparrow couldn’t be more at home in Helicon, the whimsical land of the muses, where she belongs. She is in love with Sawyer Snow, and she’s never been happier.

But Maddie Salt, their best friend, is hurt and angry about the newly formed relationship between Sawyer and Nora. She can’t help but feel left out, and she wants nothing more to do with them.

Agler Thorn finds himself jealous of Nora’s new romance. When he’s given authority over the tweens in Helicon, he makes it his business to try to keep Sawyer and Nora apart.

A bewildering sickness is creeping over the land, striking down muses, leaving them weak and unable to create. It seems obvious that it’s the work of Owen, but the muses can’t find him. He’s out of reach, and they can’t fight him.

Through all of this, Nora clings to Sawyer, the only perfect, stable thing in her life. She loves him, and she wants to make love to him. But after she and Sawyer are intimate with each other, everything changes…


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