Once Upon a Changeling: New Cover and DEALS

perf6.000x9.000.indd Check out the positively beautiful cover that Curiosity Quills did for Once Upon a Changeling!!

Gorgeous, right?

This book is regularly $4.99.

It’s on sale for $.99!!

But WAIT. That is not all. I am soo excited about this new cover, and soo badly want Once Upon a Changeling to do well, that I’m willing to offer more stuff to get you to buy it.

If you buy Once Upon a Changeling, then I will give you one of the following ebooks FREE:



Here’s how it works. You go here. Buy the book on Amazon. Then go to Chapter Sixteen and tell me what the first three words are. (If you have an old version of this book, it will not work. The first words of Chapter Sixteen are different now. So make sure you’re using the version released by Curiosity Quills.)

Email the first three words of Chapter Sixteen to me, along with whether you want Crimson or Falter and what format you want it in, and I will send you that book. Send your emails to: administrator(at)vjchambers.com

Basically, I don’t think you have an excuse not to buy this book right now, so DO IT!!

Thanks. xoxo