No new Elegy Flynn for July. Sorry!! :(

Unfortunately, I’m going to be unable to provide an Elegy Flynn story for July. I’m really sorry about this. I don’t take breaking a commitment lightly, but I also feel, in terms of priorities, that letting an Elegy story slide makes the most sense right now.

There are a few reasons that I’m going to do this. First of all, I’m moving on the first of July. Aaron and I are already in the process of packing up the apartment we lived in for the past three years. So right now, my life is in a little bit of chaos. Every room in my house is covered in boxes and piles of things, and it makes it really difficult to follow a schedule of any kind. In addition to that, considering the time when I generally post the Elegy Flynn stories coincides with crunch time for the move, I’m not sure that I would be able to do both of them at the same time and do both of them well.

The second reason is that I’m still struggling with carpal tunnel syndrome. While I’ve been able to get the voice recognition software to work much better than it has in the past, it is simply slower than typing. Part of this has to do, I think, with the fact that it’s hard for me to formulate thoughts and speak them. Dragon works better when I say an entire sentence. When I type, I can pause midsentence and think about what I’m saying. I think, the longer I use it, the better I will get, but for right now I’m still kind of a baby in the business of voice recognition. Additionally, while typing hurts my arms and fingers, speaking hurts my throat. It’s kind of six of one, half a dozen of the other. Anyway, all of this adds up to the fact that on a good day I can only get about 2000 words. Before, I used to be able to get about 4000. Since the Elegy Flynn stories are between 6000 and 8000 words, it used to take me two days to write one, and now it takes me four or five.

I have to admit that if these stories were making me a lot of money that I would probably make a different decision. And that is, I can count on any Elegy Flynn story making me less than a dollar a month. Now, I’m not writing these for the money. I’m writing them for fun. But… I have to admit that the prospect of trying to churn one out right before I move with all the current stress in my life doesn’t sound particularly fun. At any rate, all you Elegy Flynn fans out there, please accept my sincerest apologies. There will be a new Elegy Flynn story in August.